Thursday, November 6, 2008

The wonderful world of making decisions!! Welcome to adulthood!

Okay so back in July my employer gave everyone the option to purchase Texas Tech football tickets for the upcoming season. After looking at the list of home games about ummmm 100 times and still not knowing which dates to pick I chose 4 games thinking it would be fun to take my daughter and her friend. I choose the SMU, UMASS, one other game I cant remember(I sold the tickets b/c I couldnt go!!) and drum roll please ... Baylor, yes Baylor!!! Let me explain, we could purchase the tickets for $12 each with the exception of the UT game which of course was $95 which would have been payroll deducted. I am not a huge football fan but living in Lubbock football is just something you do and well the games are fun (well OK we only go so we can do the wave but ISN'T THAT SOOO FUN hehe) but really my daughter is bored at halftime and I wont buy her a ticket so she can start can we leave yet before the game is over!! Did I mention that Matthew McConaughey was there TOTALLY WORTH $95 in my opinion! see pic!! hes the one int he leather jacket!!

(borrowed this pic from another blog so thanks blogger!)

Well as most of you know this was the "GAME OF THE CENTURY" and I totally missed it (in person) and even if I hadn't wanted to go the tickets were being sold for $1000, we did watch it on TV and could stand in the front yard and hear all the screaming and honking well into the night! Now Tech is #2 in the conference and playing Okla. State another good team and of course its sold out!!! I mean why would it not be I don't have any tickets right!

So I will be home on Saturday watching the Oklahoma game from my living room on ABC @ 7 central time ***GO TECH!!!***
Here is a nice picture that I keep looking at to remind me what I missed!!!


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