Friday, February 20, 2009

The House that ADHD Built

OK, so my daughter has ADHD need I say more!!

Mornings in my house are dreadful!! - My eleven year old has trouble going to sleep due to the amount of medication she takes and that keeps her up late and the doctor can only tell me to give her some other type of medication (Benedryl) to help her go to sleep ( which is kinda disturbing ??) I hate having to give her medication of any sort but somethings cant be helped and it is the only thing that keeps her teachers sane I am sure! So its either drug up my child more or let her try to fall asleep on her own and I usually let her fall asleep on her own. I dont want to make her feel that she needs some sort of medication to function!!! Is ADHD medication a necessary evil or is it not necessary at all!! My opinion changes daily on this issue!! and I have no clue what to think about it..... Anyway back to this morning - we were running late and I woke her up and told her that we were late and she would need to try to hurry.... so after a little coaxing she gets up and walks to the kitchen to warm up her jeans in the dryer (something I let her do so that she will get out of bed since she always uses the "its cold" excuse). Since she is moving around I go into the bathroom to shower (quickly) and get ready... sooo I am through showing and leave the bathroom to get dressed and what should I find??? well its my child laying on the couch IN HER PJ'S!! Let me just remind you I am almost late for work... and as soon as I remind her not so nicely the we need to leave soon, I hear, "LEAVE ME ALONE" ... OK so let me just tell you that she (and I) froze and I had to count to 10 because we am on the verge of all out war in the living room and my 11 year old is already halfway to her room and I REALLY don't have time for this at the moment.. I simply walk down the hall and let her know that I will be in possession of her cell phone while she is grounded.... OMG you would have thought killed someone with all the crying that went on..... Should I feel guilty for not feeling bad for breaking my child's heart... sorry folks NOPE!! Her room and maybe the garage (and a few other things.. hehe) should be nice and clean by the time Monday morning rolls around....
I already know what she will say as soon I as gets in the car after school.... I am sorry Mom..... and I will feel sad when I tell her that she is still GROUNDED!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Information Overload

So I have been thinking about going back to college because lets face it I am a single mother and I am tired of being broke after working 40+ hours a week at a job I have been at for 5 years and still don't make enough to be comfortable. I no longer have the urge to live paycheck to paycheck but really who does. Anyway I took the placement test and did wonderful in English and writing go figure.... but the math portion was a little hard for me since I haven't picked up a math book since I was a sophomore in high school and even then I really didn't learn anything at all! So I was admitted and well I am now stuck in a class I like to call idiot math and it is even hard for me so I guess I should have taken stupid idiot math but this class was already full of stupid idiots that were smart enough to enroll in classes b4 they were all full.... :o) I wish someone would have slapped me when I was 15 and in algebra 1 and saying why do I need to know what x ='s.... this explains so much. Now I know why I needed to know what x equals but still don't really know how to figure out how get that answer..... oh the irony!!! I am also taking a Government class and it is pretty easy (thank goodness) and Psychology which I am taking online and that is really easy for me since all we need to do is type up essays on our opinion so far!!!!

I really don't know what I was thinking when I decided that I would work a full time job and take full time classes for college but its been pretty rewarding so far. I do, however, sit at work trying to keep my eyes open but my hourly wage isn't great enough to not allow at least one nap in 5 yrs... any pointers would be greatly appreciated!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Road Trip

So Maya and I thought we would take a little road trip this past weekend to visit family in Amarillo, Tx. We left on Saturday morning.... and really didn't warn anyone that we were coming so after our 2 hour drive we rent a hotel room (with an indoor pool of course) and call Grandpa Jerry and the twins, Maya's 13 year old twin cousins Holiday and Jericha and of course there little sister Blondie (Journey) who is 11 like Maya so they basically cant do anything without the other. The most exciting part is that we also get to meet the littlest cousin Keira (the prettiest baby!!!) and my baby brother Jacobs girlfriend Jennifer.
So we basically spend our evening at the hotel so all the kids can swim which was fine with me since our room was right across from the pool so I could watch the kids from the room and not have to worry about two 11yr olds and 2 13 yr olds thinking that they are funny and splashing.. lol.... Sooo anyway around midnight I let the girls know that I will hang them from their toes if they open the door to the hotel and get some much needed sleep.... I have no clue when they went to sleep but when I woke up the room was in perfect order (mostly) ..... sorry
So since Lubbock doesn't have a Red Robin restaurant we decide we will go there since kids eat free all day everyday and I have 4 with me!! Red Robin a perfect family place WHY DO WE NOT HAVE ONE OF THESE IN LUBBOCK????? Lubbock is full on places to eat... since that is all there is to do around here... but no red robin???? Anyway if you get to go there try the Freckled Lemonade... its really good and comes in the cutest glass!! After dinner the kids wanna go to Cadillac Ranch to spray paint cars.... for those who don't know what this is .. its a place on historic Route 66 with old Cadillacs buried in the ground and you can spray paint them ... its kinda fun (google it lol) well the weather wasn't that great.. cold and sprinkly..... so we decided to go the zoo instead... I know its outside too but I have no sense... hehe..... but it was fun and Grandpa Jerry went with us and we got to spent some quality time with grandpa and the girls enjoyed making fun of the way grandpa talks... (if anyone watches King of the Hill think Boomhauer) He's from Texas and it is very obvious... but we love him!! Ok so after all of that we went to Uncle jakes and jens to play with baby Keira and it was time to head back home again.... so as we are dropping off the twins and Journey @ home we get a call from Lubbock telling me that there bad weather head that way!!! GREAT I get freaked out in the wind... but luckily the weather was fine all the way to Lubbock and only started to rain about a mile from my house!! WOO HOO... thank goodness... NE way that was Mayas and my weekend.... too fun hanging out with my nieces... now its back work for me and school for M boo hoo.... i will add pics later....

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